This story is about an enduring friendship and a pact made 45 years ago. Katrina Thomson and her friend Nicole, raised in College Station, Texas, were lifelong friends.

Like many young women do, they made a pact they pledged to keep forever. Their pact was that if either one of them died, the other promised to look after and lend support to the other’s children.

Katrina’s friend Nicole had a handicapped daughter, named Tori, now 24.

Through the years, Nicole, who suffered from diabetes, began going downhill. As a result of the disease, she lost a foot and a leg. Her good friend Katrina, who lived far away, still visited her on several occasions to lend support, making the long drive from here to Texas.

Nicole passed away, with no one notifying Katrina. Tori was living in a less than ideal situation, with a step-father who had infirmities as well, and was using Tori’s assistance money for things other than care for her.

Katrina, upon learning about Tori’s plight, grabbed son Shaun to make the 26-hour drive to Texas. Once there, she went to law enforcement and welfare custody administrators. Tori was asked if she agreed to Katrina and her husband Skipp taking her back to live with them. Since she is an adult and consented, they got the okay to bring Tori back to Kanab. The couple hopes to eventually adopt the young lady.

“Katrina has always been such a good person,” said Skipp. “She’s always helping people, even when she herself is ill. I just wanted folks to know what a wonderful person she is.”

Skipp’s former wife had passed away, and he was out with a couple in Sun City, Arizona, when they asked him what he needed. “I said I just wanted some company, and someone to interact with.”

His friend called later and said, “I just found a woman that needs a coffee partner!” Katrina and Skipp have enjoyed a great relationship and have been married for five years.

Tori has medical problems, along with a handicapped mental status. “The poor kid has heart and medical problems. She’s already had three heart operations,” said Skipp. “She has never even been to a dentist.” The Thomsons hope to get that and other health issues remedied.

But in the meantime, Katrina has recently been diagnosed with MS. “She fights herself through this. We have finally discovered one drug that has helped her. But it’s a big battle, and she’s such a sweetheart for taking Tori. This is just about as big a sacrifice as I’ve ever seen. I just wanted her to be recognized for what a great person she is,” said Skipp.