Andrew Holly is used to getting high ... in elevation that is! He’s done it all over the world. During the second annual Kanab Balloons and Tunes Roundup held this past weekend, Holly captured a first – a Guinness World Record – by flying in 12 states in less than 30 days!

While it hasn’t been certified, he has accomplished something that no other British pilot has done – set a world record of U.S. states visited in a month!

“We’ve ticked off 11 states,” said friend, event coordinator, and Ballooning Journal Editor, Glen Moyer. “Twelve states will break the existing record for a British pilot.”

Flying from the old Kanab golf course in his ‘Fly Every State’ balloon, Holly’s goal of adding as many states in a calendar month in the United States record was broken.

“Andrew will break the existing record in Kanab. We are hoping at the pace we’ve had, we will double the old record, depending on weather. We’d like to average at least one state a day!”

Holly, of Exclusive Ballooning, is personally financing this venture. His company, Aerial Marketing Worldwide, focuses on hot air balloon accomplishments. (Think advertising!)

The company was established in 1999. Holly has won over 350 ballooning trophies, including a World Grand Prix silver medal, various international gold medals, and has gone undefeated for 10 years in the UK countries challenge competitions. He is the current British champion.

The company’s ‘claim to fame’ is they have pilots, and also operate specialized balloons for clients. They just seem to get their client’s balloons into important places! Sydney Opera House, Red Square, the Great Wall of China, Rome Coliseum, anyone? What about under and over the Tower Bridge?

“We are going to trash the old records,” said Holly, with exuberance. “I love Glen Moyer and my crew (Jeremy) Jonathan Hodge, and Martin Rooke.” He also cited a team in the UK office helping with the challenge – Louis Moore, Mike Buckle (UP), and Jack Tudor.

“It was an amazing flight,” said Holly of Sunday’s excursion. “We wanted to come out and see these western states, and they are so beautiful!”