Kanab residents Guy Shurley and Patricia Hopps, Ph.D., have a Hall of Art they want to share with people. The quaint Hall of Art studio, located at 89 W. Center St. in Kanab, holds a treasure trove of art to view, enjoy and purchase.

The grand opening will be on February 18, from 6 until 10 p.m. They invite you to come and enjoy the beautiful works they are featuring in their gallery. 

Hopps, who has a I’ll Stand By You counseling office in the back of the studio, said she has always appreciated art. “I decided to open a studio with Guy, and sell some of my collection.” 

Her extensive collection includes a variety of art, with some documented pieces (certificates of authenticity included with purchase). Hall of Art has original Salvador Dali’a, Soeothy Cross, and other listed artists, as well as photography, jewelry and furniture made by local artists.

Hopps also will be offering pieces of her own hand-made jewelry, a passion that she developed and was commercially successful with in Europe. 

Guy Shurley said while he has been interested in art, and especially photography for years, he began to take it seriously around 2003. His photo art has become quite popular.

“I’ve always loved to travel and take pictures,” explained Shurley. “I enjoyed the fact that with the new digital cameras, I could take numerous pictures of a subject and be able to delete the ones that weren’t what I wanted.” 

Hopps and Shurley have teamed up to bring the public many offerings, from pottery to porcelain, china to photos, and fine art. Their goal is to offer real art for real people! Their hope is to offer affordable original pieces. Local people get a 15% discount.

“Our goal is to sell art to the public at reasonable prices,” said Hopps. “Also, artists showing their work here will get 70% of the sale.”

“The first 10 people who spend over $100 at our grand opening will get 50% off that one item,” said Shurley. “We encourage folks to come and take a look around!”