Georgia Baca, the Kane County Treasurer, is under investigation for possible misappropriation and fraudulent transfer of public funds.

The Kane County Commission has requested the State Auditor’s Office to conduct a full audit, and the Kane County Sheriff has asked the Attorney General to conduct a criminal investigation. Both the audit and the criminal investigation will be conducted over the next several weeks and possibly months.

Based on preliminary findings, the State Auditor has determined there is sufficient evidence to show the Treasurer may have made several disbursements contrary to the law. The State Auditor has placed a Notice of Suspension of Disbursements on the County Treasurer and restricted her access to any public accounts pending a full and complete Audit. The County Commission has simultaneously placed the Treasurer on administrative leave pending the results of the audit and investigation.

Deputy Treasurer Trish Spendlove and other staff will continue to run the business of the Treasurer’s Office until the audit and investigation have been completed.

Further information will be disseminated as it is approved for release from the audit and investigation.