A tradition has begun at the Kanab Elementary that sixth grade teacher, Robin Coleman, hopes to write in stone. What sort of tradition? That Kanab sixth graders can match middle schoolers punch for punch and head butt for head butt when it comes to the very difficult world of cognitive math.

MathCounts was held on January 12 at the Kanab Middle School, when the smoke had cleared and the blood had dried, that tradition was still very much alive and well. All present, again, became believers.

Coleman’s Crunchers, Number Crunchers to be exact, walked away, heads high, guns holstered, and a hitch in their git-alongs, as they had well mimicked Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp at the O.K. Corral. 

Coleman’s Crunchers, you’re tougher than the sole of a sun baked boot. There are many disciplines in the academic world. None even come close to math in the demanding of the reasoning power necessary to master this vital yet involved technology. 

Unlike most disciplines, ability to memorize is not the key factor. Can that brain of yours, the size of a grapefruit, take the available facts and figures, re-arrange them to fit the correct formula or equation, fill in the newly-found unknowns, and then end up with a truth that fills all the requirements? What say, skeptics? Coleman’s Crunchers, you’re superheroes!

Other combatants present were two middle schools from Cedar City, Orderville Middle School, and Kanab Middle School. Down the road, Coleman’s Crunchers will be attending Regional Competition at SUU. They regularly attend after-school tutoring to hone their cutting edges.

Two former Coleman’s Crunchers, now in middle school, performed as of old. Brinley Unsworth took an over-all 3rd and Jared Coleman strode off with a 6th, facing down over 100 other competitors. 

The bottom line? Ol’ Crank taught high school math. He would rather suffer a hobnail boot to the unmentionables than take on anyone of these junior whiz kids. They bow to no one! They are world class!

MathCounts is a national mathematics competition for sixth through eighth grade.