South Central Communications (SCC) is making a major investment in a state-of-the-art communications network that will provide a 100 percent fiber optic connection to every home, business, school, library, and government building in Kanab. When asked about the decision to invest in a fiber network, SCC President and CEO Michael East said, “We are making this investment because we believe it will contribute to the economic vitality of our community and allow us to serve this great place we call home with the best communications network available today.”

In addition to providing crystal clear voice calls, the new 100 percent fiber optic network has the tremendous benefit of providing exponentially greater bandwidth capacity to SCC’s Kanab network. By increasing overall network bandwidth capacity and removing all congestion, this allows SCC fiber customers access to higher internet speed packages which are being necessitated by the ever increasing number of internet enabled devices within the home (think tablets, TVs, set-top boxes, smart phones, game consoles, etc.) 

According to East, “The number of Internet enabled devices inside the home has increased dramatically over the past two years. That trend is only going to continue as technology advances. At SCC, we have not only built a fiber network that is capable of handling today’s internet demand, but for decades into the future as well.” 

East continued, “By way of example, as a result of the new fiber optic network, SCC’s speed packages have increased from a maximum of 50 Mbps (Megabits per second) to one Gbps (one Gigabit per second equals 1,000 Megabits per second). And when customers start asking for internet speeds above one Gbps, it won’t be a problem on our network. All it will require is a change out of some electronics and the problem is solved.”  

As everyone has seen with the SCC equipment and crews all throughout town, SCC is making tremendous progress on the fiber network build. Construction of the new fiber network began in 2015 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016.  The project is being completed in phases. The phase locations and time frames are included on the accompanying map as well as billboard maps located in various locations around town. These maps will be updated as the fiber project progresses. Currently, main line construction is completed for phases 1 through 5. Once this main line construction is complete in your area, owners can schedule a time to connect their home or business to the fiber and begin benefiting from the greatly enhanced network. 

According to SCC Public Relations Coordinator, Ebbi Hafen, “Connecting your home or business to the fiber network is free of charge. This will not always be the case. Once the fiber build is complete, SCC will be remobilizing their crews to our next community-wide fiber project. If you don’t connect your home to the fiber network now, we will of course bring equipment back to connect your home, but there will be an installation charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 to $300. With that in mind, I would strongly suggest everyone connect now while it is free. There is really no downside. You don’t even have to take the service, but it will increase the value of your home.”  

East concluded by saying “We are excited to be bringing this fiber network to Kanab. I am excited about the tremendous and much needed opportunities it will provide.  Not the ability to stream and watch 10 Netflix movies at a time, sure you can do that, but rather it’s the educational opportunities, and the improvements in healthcare that are available via the tele-health initiatives that I am excited about.  And we can’t forget about the hundreds, if not thousands of home-based jobs that are now available to people by virtue of having access to this new fiber network. I guess what I am saying is, I am excited about the opportunities for Kanab as a whole.” 

For more information about the fiber project, contact Ebbi Hafen or SCC at (888) 826-4211.