If you ever played football in high school or college, I’m sure you’re like everyone else and have wondered what it would be like to step out on that field one more time. Gridiron Alumni is granting your wish, and stepping on that field will also help raise money for charity. Alumni football is coming to Kanab.

Gridiron Alumni, a national company, is planning several full contact alumni football games in the area. Gridiron Alumni travels the nation pitting old football rivals against each other. Since its inception in 2010, hundreds of players and thousands of fans swarmed stadiums to watch their hometown heroes  one more time. Gridiron Alumni does not discriminate against smaller schools and rivalries. If you ever wanted to get out on that field, now is the time. 

Players from the local area are invited to register and play. The first 40 players on each team get to play.  The team that gets 25 people registered first gets home field advantage. The games are set for the Spring and Summer. Gridiron Alumni has all the equipment needed to play, rents the field, and arranges for the officials.

If you or someone you know is interested in putting on the pads one more time, go to http://www.gridironalumni.com to locate your school and register. If you have any questions, call Chris at 530-410-6396 or go to the website.

Gridiron Alumni has raised over $390,000 for schools and charities using alumni football games as a fundraising vehicle. Gridiron Alumni football has given men their spark back and helped raise much needed funds for communities. The average game raises around $5000, but so much more can be made with planning and effort. A local charity in Savannah, Ga., raised over $20,000 with their game. The Canton N.C. Lion’s Club raised $30,000 with their game. All of this, and you get to play football again!