I am your flag. I was born on June 14, 1777. The Congress gave me my stars and stripes. The union of a few sprinklings of stars has grown to a union of 50 states. The red stripes are my promise of courage shown by devoted Americans ready to fight for me. The white stripes encourage liberty and justice for all. Heaven’s blue graces me with the symbolism of loyalty, faith and trust.

I am old, as old as this country, but I am very wise, for I flown on every kind of occasion with the hardship and sacrifice of a growing and struggling nation. I have been there for your moments of glory and promise. Allow me to live and continue to be your symbol of the constitution of the United States of America.  I stand as your sentinel, flying feely over schools, government buildings, private properties, and on special days to remind you that I am your right to freedom.

Never destroy the sacred trust of my being, lest you be overtaken by dictators, who would destroy us. Please watch for my stars and stripes as it waves across America. Pause a moment when you see me and remember what I stand for. If your proclaimed freedoms infringe on the rights of others in a defaming or destructive manner, you will cease to be my people. Always guard me as a trusted friend and a guide for your liberties.

May I always be Old Glory, and may generations to come continue to look on me with revered pride and trust. Remember, when you look  towards heaven to watch my star spangled banner fly, remember also that you are looking up to God, on whom this nation was founded. I will be yours forever, if you honor me and teach the next generation to do the same. Yes, I am your flag, I fly with dignity over the people of my choice, the children of Old Glory.