Do creative minds ever think alike? Well perhaps, when two artists from Kanab have the same thoughts about doing the same thing, on the same day! “It was a joint thing,” said new gallery owner Cyrus Mejia of he and Gary Kalpakoff’s idea and subsequent partnership, to open an art gallery at the old Kanab Drug store site.

Painter and Kanab resident Mejia said he first got the idea while walking past the building, owned by Ed and Joyce Bush. “Maybe it’s time to have an art gallery here, I thought to myself.”

He mentioned his thought when he talked later to ceramic artist Cathie McCormick. She responded,” Gary Kapakoff just said the same thing today!”

Kalpakoff and Mejia decided that they needed to open a studio … together!

Cyrus Mejia studied art in college. His early life brought him to Best Friends, and indeed animals were. He became one of its founders. From 1984 until 2000, his art was all about the Best Friends mission. From 2000-20005, a series of Mejia’s work was featured as a coast to coast art installation, the “575 Project.”

Gary Kalpakoff went to the Brooks Institute of Photography. Then he went on to a commercial studio in Santa Barbara. His amazing photographic works have been featured in numerous galleries. “I love horses, wildlife and moving landscapes. I love the outdoors and the wildlife where we live,” said Kalpakoff.

“What we hope to do is art with a heart, that expresses kindness, respect and compassion for all of life,” said Mejia, of the art at Raven’s Heart Gallery.

Raven’s Heart Gallery, 57 West Center Street in Kanab, will open on Friday, November 27, and have a collection of original art by: Abe McCowan, printmaking; Angela Woods, painting; Boni McCowan, ceramics; Bonnie Dunn, ceramics; Cathie McCormick, ceramics; Cyrus Mejia, painting; Dara Paoletti, jewelry; Gail Alger, painting; Gary Kalpakoff, photography; Jennifer King, jewelry; Joshua Baird, painting; Kathryn Blackmun, ceramics; Kimerlee Curyl, photography; Myrna Massey-Brooks, assemblage; Dumar Burkinoy, jewelry; Sandy Wolk, sculpture; Susie Protiva, painting; Willamarie Huelskamp, painting.

“We hope there will be something for everyone,” said Kapakoff, of Raven’s Heart Gallery. “We’re excited to be a part of the Kanab business community.”