Best Friends Animal Society has announced the purchase of the Four Seasons Motor Inn, located at 22 North 300 West, in Kanab. 

Eric Rayvid, Best Friends Director of Public Relations, said the sale closing took place last week. “In the short term, we want to make units available to our staff due to the shortage of affordable housing in Kanab. We need it for bringing in those involved with Best Friends. It will provide much-needed short term housing.”

As for whether the public will be able to use the property as well, Rayvid said that probably, but that Best Friends staff, consultants and visitors will have priority. “We feel this will offset the cost of bringing in our staff and consultation.” 

Best Friends currently employ 728 full time, and 47 part time employees. Locally, the sanctuary has 352 full time, and 25 part time. There are 376 full time employees working remotely, and 22 part time employees, a situation that lends itself to the need for more short and long-term housing when those employees visit or have training in Kanab. National and international visitors to Best Friends number over 30,000 a year.

Best Friends Magazine, which often features beautiful pictures of southern Utah and the sanctuary, has a circulation/subscribers of 230,301. Best Friends is often featured on TV shows in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and New York City.  

“We want to draw as much traffic as we can to the Kanab area,” said Rayvid. “We hope that the Four Seasons purchase will address the short term housing issues, offset costs for bringing remote people in for consultation and events, and preserve Kanab and surrounding area heritage with our presence.”