November 11th is a day to pay tribute and honor to the U.S. Military.

Thank you to all men and women who have served or currently serve to preserve the freedoms of this great land. Because of the sacrifices of some, others enjoy the freedoms of liberty. As a country, we are indebted to those who serve and are willing to put their lives on the line to keep us free.

Thank you, thank you. God bless you for preserving the freedoms we enjoy every day. 



By Myrna Cox

Freedom is the right to live

Upon this hallowed land.

Freedom is the heartfelt joy

In our nation’s marching band. 


Freedom is the right to sing

An anthem to our State.

Freedom is the right to live,

To love, to celebrate. 


Freedom won by fine Marines

Who follow, true command.

Freedom bought by warriors 

In a liberated land.


Freedom is a feeling

What wells up, deep inside

Of hope and love, and sacrifice 

Of the true – American Pride!