‘I don’t like the weather,’

I heard a man complain. 

‘I don’t like the snow,

And I despise the rain.’


When the snow is piling,

Outside the cabin door,

The farmers and the ranchers

Are wanting more and more.


The arthritic Granny,

Sticks her nose outside,

And grumbles that the weather

Could freeze her withered hide.


Those upon the mountaintop, 

Keep praying for the snow.

So they can use their snowmobiles

Wherever they might go.


The chickens in the barnyard

Never do complain.

They just keep on scratchin’

in the snow, or in the rain. 


The cattle do not argue

Or make an awful scene,

when the wind is howling, 

Or the weather’s acting mean. 


So it must be human nature,

To argue and complain.

Cause you never hear a duck

Speak disgusted about the rain.


‘I guess we are lucky,’

I expressed to Pa.

We can snuggle by the fire,

Until the Winter thaw.