Many things in life come full circle. The first pharmacy in town began in 1916 as a soda fountain. So, is it irony or reinvention for Kelly and David Shakespeare to open their new store (with a soda fountain), on 176 W. Center?

“It came down to how much we wanted to stay here,” explained Pharmacist David Shakespeare, of the new Kanab United Drug building. “We wanted to stay in Kanab, and be competitive.”

To that end, the beautiful new building is spacious. It has a full service pharmacy, including a drive-up prescription window; an entire area of drugstore offerings; as well as a large home decor and children’s toy section...and then, there’s also the soda fountain!

“We wanted to offer more,” said Shakespeare. “I can give immunizations, there is a blood pressure station, and we have a private area to consult about prescriptions. The drive-up window allows people with sick children, or don’t feel well enough to come in, more flexibility in getting their prescriptions filled. It’s more of a direct pharmacy interaction.”

The pharmacy is open from 9 a.m., until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. on Saturday. Store hours are 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Saturdays.

Shakespeare praised Doyle Ray and RBI Contracting for the new building. “He was so great to work with. He even got it done a month before when he said he would. He’s topnotch!”

Pharmacist Shakespeare was trained at the medical college of Virginia/VCU, but has roots in southern Utah, growing up near Cannonville. “I always dreamt of coming back here, and operating a business in this area. I want the red rock experience for our children.”

Kanab United Drug has a wide variety of home decor, signs and innovative quality toys.

Shakespeare credits wife Kelly for the positive things that have happened concerning the new digs. Kanab Drug is the only carrier in town for Hallmark cards. “She’s amazing, my wife is really talented. She wanted to offer things through the business that are of high quality. Kelly goes to big marketplaces in Las Vegas when she buys for the store. She wants something that couldn’t be found at Walmart.”

And then they also have the soda fountain! A throwback to years gone by, the soda fountain can provide ice cream treats for whatever ails a person! With indoor and outdoor seating that’s elevated from Center Street, it has become a favorite hangout for residents and visitors alike.

Besides all these amenities, the business offers public restrooms! (Amazingly huge to a traveler, and a benefit to people that actually want to hang out and stay in Kanab). The Shakespeares are good employers as well, providing an employee break room.

“We wanted to be unique,” commented Kelly. “And I think we’ve done that. We’re happy to be here in Kanab!”