Sam Hiatt (5th grade), son of Molly and Edward Hiatt, went to the Kanab RC Fly-In last year and got interested in the Remote Control (RC) hobby. He enjoyed flying the simulator. As his parents learned more about the art and skill of flying an RC, they thought it would be a great hobby for Sam to help him “work on self control.” Every move you make at the controls does something to the object in the air, to either make it fly or make it crash. As a birthday present, his parents gave him what he needed to get started … a lesson on a Buddy Box System with flight instructor Aaron Wilson, materials to make his own plane, and lessons to learn how to fly.

Sam’s dad also built his own RC, right alongside his son. Sam is a little ahead of his dad at this point as far as learning to fly goes, but both are well on their way to being able to fly their own Versa Wings.

Sam is the youngest member of the Kanab RC Modelers Club, and a proud member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA,) the largest model airplane association. He would like to see more kids like himself get interested in RC flying. He’s thinking that when he is ready to fly his own model, perhaps his school could have an assembly at the airport and he could do a demonstration. I think he could also teach others a bit about aerodynamics and the physics of flying. Words like servos and controllers and lift and torque and banking roll off his tongue as if any grown-up would understand what he is talking about.

He’s thinking about being a charter pilot one day, but for now, he is working hard on RC flying. He is excited about the progress on the new RC flying field being constructed near the KanePlex. “They already have the land and next need to level the ground to create a runway,” Sam enthusiastically explains. The RC Club has had a vision for years of having their own field. That vision is about to become a reality.

Sam wants everyone to know that the RC Air Show and Fly-in this Saturday at the Kanab Airport will be a lot of fun. The event will start with WWI and WWII war birds, with one towing the U.S. flag banner to the National Anthem. There will be scale, aerobatic and 3-D stunt airplanes performing amazing aerial feats. There will also be jet airplanes doing low fly-bys at speeds up to 200 MPH! There will be an RC flying simulator. The show will end with wing airplanes dueling it out in an aerial combat/swarm – always a crowd-thriller.

Two other local boys are interested in RC Flying. Beau (6th grade) and Colton (9th grade) Johnson, sons of Laurie Johnson, have each built their own Blunt Nose Versas, identical designs but painted differently. Beau and his mom met Aaron at the Ranchos Park one day as he was flying his RC. Beau was hooked! He then convinced his big brother to get involved too. Building their planes took them several Saturdays. Right now, Aaron has the controllers for their planes to make sure they are properly programmed. The boys take lessons from Aaron using his Buddy Box system. At the RC Fly-In, people will be able to take a turn at the Buddy Box controls. You, too, might become hooked!

Free short, scenic flights around Kanab in Dave Baird’s Cessna 182 will also be available starting at 8 a.m. The RC Air Show & Fly-In is from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. You can make it a fun day for the entire family, including lunch for $5.

If you want to know more about the fly-in or how to get lessons, contact Buck Brown of the Kanab RC Modelers Club at or call him at 928-660-8221 or 928-660-0205.