Robert Dowell, UDOT, wanted to learn more about the obstacles the county is facing, on the right of way alignment with the BLM regarding proposed improvements on Highway 89 and Hancock Road at the June 22 Kane County Commission meeting. 

Commissioner Mark Habbeshaw explained Kane County’s position since Federal Judge Campbell ruled last February that the county claimed roads are federal roads.  A Quiet Title application was turned down.  It will take a Title V for realignment to connect to the Federal road.

 Hancock and the Sand Dunes roads are called “class 3" roads by the BLM.  Class 3 roads are not a county or state classification. The county feels they are RS2477 roads.  However, at this time the Department of Interior does not recognize RS2477 roads in the nation. Therefore there is a conflict of interest with the county.  Hopefully this will be resolved in upcoming court cases and the resolution of RS2477 claims before the county will have a Quiet Title.

 Dowell said UDOT doesn’t want to lose the $800,000 federal money for the project.  After checking, the project will be set back for one year. “We’ll see if we can work with your time frame. We don’t want to be rushed, want to do it right.”

Habbeshaw said the improvement of the lower entrance to Best Friends is a significant safety improvement.

 Barbara Hansen, Building Department, said they need a full time secretary. “This is the busy season,” Hansen said.  The Permit Technician is leaving and the commission is not planning on refilling the position. The decision will be on the next agenda.  

 Gary Smith presented a revised Chapter 3 of the Land Use Ordinance for approval.  The change will do away with a Board of Adjustment, five members, and replace with a Hearing Officer.

They have had trouble getting a quorum together, thus causing delays. Commissioner Doug Heaton said, “This is a good move.  It will streamline the process.”  Hulet and Heaton voted aye while Habbeshaw abstained.

 A request for a temporary road closure by Best Friends for Sunday, July 19 from 8:30-11:30 a.m. as part of their 25-year celebration was approved.  Bert Harris, Road Department, will make arrangements, coordinate with the Sheriff’s Office, and check regarding their certificate of insurance.

 No bids were turned in for the roof repair on the courthouse.

 A resolution was passed in support of CEBA (Center for Education, Business and the Arts Interlocal Agency) and in support of a grant application to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for $70,000. Habbeshaw and Hulet voted aye and Heaton abstained.

 A public hearing for the budget opening brought no comments from the audience.  The commission approved the clerk/auditor’s recommendations.  However, the commissioners were not happy about overtime in some departments.

 During the information section, Ross and Sonny Lusted, managers of the Amangeri Resort, gave an update.  They are planning a “soft” opening in September. They are currently taking applications and training their hotel staff. Their training focuses on the needs and desires of guests.  They need about 50 more employees.

 Three business licenses were approved; Tiber Wood, Mt. Carmel; Duck Creek Services, safety inspections and repair; and Adeline Hillman Memorial Charity, Judy Skinner makes ostomy pouches.

 Also approved were recommendations from Planning and Zoning: a parcel joinder of lot 105 and part of lot 106 on Movie Ranch Road, owner Jim Atkinson and a zone change for Mark and Lynn Dreitzler for a business license in Duck Creek.