The public hearing for the proposed $10.5 million Civic Center was held with a packed room flowing out into the hallway.

The hearing began with Matt Brown’s presentation showing how the Civic Center will consist of a museum, event center, city offices and a senior citizen center. The drawings by Scott Gilberg showed the landscaping and the changes that would be done.

There has been a lot of citizen and business input from meetings and surveys as to what the community wants and needs. The general consensus has been positive, that a place is needed for conventions and community meetings. Excited, thrilled, we need it was the unanimous consensus of those attending the public hearing.

Brown indicated that the Kane School District expectations are: Do not eliminate the gym and create space for the school district for a place for professional development. They want a place for community meetings, to relieve pressure and conflicts on other school facilities.

The funding includes the outer building for Kanab City and the senior citizen building. The interior will be at their cost.

The funding will come from TRT taxes, CIB loan at 2% interest and CDBG grants.

All of the public comments were in favor of the Civic Center. There was no negative response.

Ken Gotzen-berg, Travel Council, “Most of this will be paid for by TRT funds.  It will not affect the taxpayer. We don’t have facilities to handle conventions in winter months. This will provide jobs. It is a good investment of tourism dollars and it is in a good location. We don’t want the Civic Center to look like an old school.

Kortney Stirland thanked the school district, the commissioners and Matt Brown for including the arts and giving them a place to call home. “This will nurture the community.”

Fred Allen said he was thrilled with the place and said there is a need to address soil issues, mainly alkali and blue soil. He suggested keeping water away from the building. He was told those issues have been addressed. 

Brent Chamberlain spoke for Western Legends and said, “there is a high demand for community meeting rooms. I am a big supporter for turning this space into something that will be used.”

Tony Schoenfeld, Kanab Arts Council, expressed appreciation to hear places are planned to display art. 

Carol Gilberg, representing the gymnastics community, said they would like enough room for full size equipment.  Currently there are over 120 students involved and if they continue, they must go to St. George.

Andrea Gilberg, Women’s Forum, said they are now maxed out at the Kanab Middle School.  They would like to expand. 

Kevin Glazier said, “this will make the town come alive.”

Camille Johnson asked if a place is planned for horse shows.

Patty Hegwood said this is great for community activities. Best Friends has yearly workshops and an annual conference and would utilize the space.

Sky Chaney, Tax Payers Association, “This is a Cadillac, great for the community, but expressed concern about the cost to the taxpayer.” He recommended a tighter analysis of the numbers, adding, ”You commissioners have done a great job and have been very frugal.”

Greg Metcalf wants to see southwest in the landscaping.

Kanab City Mayor Robert Houston said, “I’m excited. This is a benefit to the whole community. It is also great for the Recreation Director to be able to plan winter events.”

Cary Reese, Business Administrator for the School District, said, “Taxpayer money originally bought the property and buildings.  This is a big benefit to the community.”

Back in regular session, Commissioner Dirk Clayson said, “Roger Brooks emphasized investment in your community. We are trying to invest in infrastructure development.”

The motion to make an application for funding to the CIB passed unanimously.