Cedar Mountain Fire Department was paged out at 5:56 a.m. on the morning of September 9, 2015 to a fire at Hot Mama’s Pizza and Brew in Duck Creek Village.

Six fire departments responded in this order ... Cedar Mountain Fire Department with a chief’s vehicle, one rescue and two engines; Alton Fire Department with one engine and one ambulance; Orderville Fire Department with one engine; East Zion Fire Department with one chief’s vehicle; Kanab Fire Department with one chief’s vehicle and one engine; Cedar City Fire Department with one chief’s vehicle, one engine and a ladder truck. There were five chief officers on scene and 45 firefighters.

The cause of the fire was officially ruled undermined, with a probability of electrical by the State Fire Marshals Office. The fire investigator for the insurance company is leaning towards electrical as well, but may have to have some items tested in a lab to make a final determination.

The fire was fought by all fire departments from the initial call out until approximately 10 a.m. and then mutual aid departments were released. Cedar Mountain Fire continued to mop up hot spots until around 4 p.m. Cedar Mountain Fire Department personnel took turns with four hour shifts on a fire watch/security detail until 11 a.m. the next day, when the fire scene was turned over to Protocol Insurance Services and the fire inspector for the insurance company.

Three structures were completely burned and a fourth suffered severe damage to the outside, but the contents inside were saved. Hot Mama’s Pizza and Brew burned down, along with a cabin behind the business that was unoccupied and used for storage. On the same property as the pizza business, a storage shed was burned on the outside walls. A cabin on the Falcon’s Nest property was also completely burned. Several cabins on the Falcon’s Nest property (the east side of the incident) were saved and several structures on the Back Country Power Sports property (the west side of the incident) were saved, with little or no damage.

Hot Mama’s Pizza and Brew owners Sam Atkinson and Ashley Ramero are planning on rebuilding.