Crazy, torrential rains hit the Hildale/Colorado City area on Monday, September 14, and 12 people died in a flash flood, with one child still missing. Most of the flooding occurred just north of Colorado City and Hildale, but the subsequent damage happened quickly.

This community of 7,700 people received the brunt of the incredible storm. The first flood came raging down the canyon, and numerous people went to watch the amazing display of Mother Nature. But a second storm surge caught people off guard. Their vehicles were swamped, and they tried to get out. A full size van and an SUV were inundated and the two vehicles were carried along with the flood. Occupants, and others trying to get out, or help those in the vehicles, were swept away.

Tragedy, and loved ones lost!

Originally there were 16 people in two vehicles, three women and the rest children. Eight bodies were found on Monday, with four more uncovered in the mud and debris on Tuesday.

The ninth victim was found about noon on the Arizona side of the border about five miles from where the car he was riding in was found. Another body was found about an hour later, and two more an hour after that. The 12th body was recovered nearly six miles downstream from where the vehicles were found, according to reports.

Kane County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue had 20 people searching, along with hundreds from other agencies around Washington and Mohave Counties, to find the bodies and bring closure to the families.

“I am heartbroken to hear of the recent tragedy in Washington County,” said Governor Gary Herbert. “The State of Utah has offered its full resources to the town of Hildale to aid with the search and rescue effort.”