4th of July Fundraising Talent Contest, 7-9pm, JH Park

Here’s how it works…

Groups and individuals from the local area will be singing or dancing.  In the first round, singers will compete against singers and dancers will compete against the other dancers.  Three semi-finalists will be chosen for the next round.

In the finals, the singer and dancer with the most votes plus the next highest leading vote receiver (whether singer or dancer) will compete against each other for the Top Talent spot.   Participants include:

Singing Division             Dancing Division    

Andrea Fisher             Brittney Holder

Haley Reidhead             Kelsey Barber   

Jim Torgerson             Alyssa Allen   

Tori Tailor                Red Rock Dance Academy

The winners are determined by you…the crowd!

$1 = 1 vote.  After each division competes, there will be time for the audience to vote for their favorite… and here is where the fundraiser part comes in.  You can come to the park with a few dollar bills in your pocket and feel satisfied that you got to participate in the event OR you can stuff your pockets with cash and help make sure the person you want to win, wins.  It’s all up to you!

To help us make our picks and hopefully laugh along the way are our panel of judges Boyd Corry, Harry Barber and Staci Wright. 

Proceeds from this event will be going to the program co-sponsors, Healing HEART Sanctuary and

Kanab City Parks & Recreation (for new tennis courts).  To find out more about Healing HEART Sanctuary please see the article in this week’s paper or go to www.HealingHeartSanctuary.org