Dixie State University and the DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival™announced it is kicking off its sixth season by returning the flickers to the newly renovated, historic Electric Theater in St. George on September 7.

White Earth, which won Best Directing Award, Short Documentary at last year’s Docutah Festival and was subsequently nominated for an Academy Award, will begin the film presentation. Director J. Christian Jensen will attend the screening.

The second screening, The Devil and the Angel, a Dixie State University student documentary, is included in the 2015 Festival and “has it all ... fast cars, guns, explosions, tragedy, joy, comedy, tears, love ... violins,” according to the filmmakers.

The inaugural gala evening, sponsored by the City of St. George, Cherry Creek Radio and Downtown Yoga, begins with a reception at Capeletti’s at 6 p.m. Music will be provided by Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band.

“We were amazed and delighted at the stunning quality of this student film, which uses creative lighting and unusual film techniques to create an emotional attachment to the artist, bringing the audience clearly into the passion he has for his craft,” said Phil Tuckett, Artistic Director for DOCUTAH, associate professor at Dixie State University and the Director of DSU Films. “The Electric Theater is the perfect place to showcase this film. It was an early adopter of high end projection equipment in the early 20th century and, indeed, where the flickers were shown in those early days.”

The violin has been referred to as the ‘devil’s instrument.’ Throughout history, violin players and makers were rumored to have sold their souls to the devil in order to master their craft. Despite this reputation, Master craftsman Kevin Lee sets out to prove otherwise from his rustic workshop in southern Utah. Known as a Master Luthier, Kevin follows in the footsteps of the famous violinmakers from hundreds of years ago, since the first violins were created.

For music-lovers and musicians alike, as well as those who have never considered where a violin comes from, this film takes the world on a journey through the mystery, the fantasy, the passion, the madness, and the romanticism of a Master Luthier and his love affair with an angel, the “devil’s instrument.”

Tickets for the gala may be purchased for $50 per person and all proceeds benefit Film Studies at Dixie State University. Contact Susan Taysom at 435.652.7903 or e-mail taysom@dixie.edu. Space is limited, so early reservations are suggested.

The 2015 DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival is held at Dixie State University in St. George. The 2015 Festival runs from September 8-12 and includes filmmaker chats, seminars and gala events, all within the beautiful scenery of southern Utah’s red rock country.