A record-breaking state survey has revealed what a cross section of Utahns think about such important topics as: transportation, energy, water, agriculture and recreation.

“53,000 respondents weighed in,” said Ari Bruening, Envision Utah’s Chief Operations Officer. “That’s by far the best survey response nationally. Utah residents care about their state.”

Envision Utah’s (EU) mission statement proclaims a goal of engaging people to create and sustain communities that are beautiful, prosperous, healthy and neighborly. EU started in the late 1990s, a group of stakeholders with a variety of backgrounds, to envision what community focus and policies would be best for residents of the Wasatch front.

“We wanted to discuss issues that would impact Utah,” said Bruening, citing projections that indicate Utah’s population will double by 2050. Governor Herbert contacted Envision Utah, and asked them to do the state-wide survey.

Bruening said Envision Utah was thrilled with the enormous response. He said the group was surprised by how strongly Utahns supported agriculture, as well as their willingness to conserve water. Concerning recreation, they were surprised by a bit of resistance in supporting tourism. Many wanted more convenience and infrastructure for walkers, bikers and horses.

“The next step,” said Bruening, concerning survey result implementation, “is taking these results to the stakeholders. Everyone has a role – state, county and cities – as well as businesses and individuals. Success would ideally be moving the direction that state residents want to go.”

While the survey is complete, the results won’t matter unless we as citizens utilize them. “Even as Utah grows in population – we can all make it a better place for our children and grandchildren,” concluded Bruening.

Survey results can be found at http://envisionutah.org/.