What could make a young persons day at the close of summer? How about a visit from the Jazz Representive, Thurl Bailey?

Bailey has been traveling throughout the state stopping at several designations to spend time with the young kids, who have a real love and interest in basketball.

Every child needs someone to “look up to,” and that is exactly what they got. Bailey, is not only a great model for a hero, but is also a real person who interacted with the kids in such a way that they could enjoy learning, sharing and embracing the moment. He seemed unhurried as he spent group and one-on-one time with the kids.

He allowed some Q&A time with the group. One girl asked how large his hands were. He asked her to step forward and he showed her the comparison with her own small hands. Another child wanted to know the size of his feet. It was a fun moment, as he required the group to guess his foot size.

One little person wondered if he would sing a song. Bailey, known for his role in “David and Goliath,” belted out some lines from the Goliath song. He reminded his young audience that life was about being well rounded. He encouraged them to enjoy music, singing, or other avenues for self-growth and fulfillment, telling them, “Basketball was not everything, just a part of life.”

Not only did he give them a great moment of meeting and interacting with a role model who many will appreciate for a long time to come, he also gave them life lessons as he spoke with them and encouraged in a very positive and endearing way to teach, to communicate and mostly to bring self esteem to each and every child that took the hour and a half to share the time with this great man.

Thank you Thurl Bailey. The Valley, as well as other schools, looks forward to the summer time Jazz gatherings that instill fun, enjoyment and a teaching moment into students who love the game, as they participate and learn some new skills.