While a strong board and event chairmen direct and spend countless hours, and many (literally hundreds) of volunteers, are involved in pulling off the enormous heritage celebration, there’s one man holding the reins and driving the herd. Kanab City Councilman Brent Chamberlain is the Executive Director of the Western Legends Weekend.

“It’s a wonderful way to expose many people to this area,” said Chamberlain, concerning Western Legends Weekend. “We always enjoy seeing foreign tourists, U.S. visitors, as well as local residents attend.”

The event takes a full year to pull off, with only a week or two breather between one year’s celebration and the next!

Financials are probably the largest challenge to face-it takes a whole lot of money to pull an event like this off! “From my perspective, the most difficult aspect is to find financing. It takes approximately $45,000 to bring in the performers alone,” said Chamberlain. “We do get money from the state for advertising, as well as the city and county. We get enormous support from local businesses, along with great help from the Lion’s Club, who cook breakfast for the stars.”

Suggestions to improve the event are always appreciated. “We are going to survey more, asking visitors’ opinions on their experience,” Chamberlain stressed. “We plan to improve and grow our event every year. “

“We are in our 17th year and Western Legends is a major opportunity to showcase Kanab and Kane County, and provide a positive experience to all those who visit,” said Chamberlain. “This is an introduction to our area, and we hope you have a great weekend, and make plans to come back and visit again soon!”