Stunning new signs now greet travelers entering Kanab from the south and the east. Such beautiful additions come about in our community only with dedicated leadership, much behind-the-scenes planning, time and energy, plus generous financial donations.

For years Kanab has had a great welcome sign on highway 89 to the north, but did not have signs on the other two highway entrances. Attempts were made several years ago to get the additional entrance signs underway when members of the Kanab Chamber of Commerce pooled money to build entry signs and councilwoman Carol Sullivan brought design drawings before the city council for consideration. Due to a combination of insufficient funding and coordination the sign project was put on hold.

In 2007 ERA Utah Properties agents decided to lend their leadership and financial support to move this project forward. Over time, these individual agents donated a portion of their personal commission earnings to a community improvement fund that is used on permanent improvement projects to enhance Kanab for years to come.

They initiated a new sign design from local artist Loretta Clayson, and looked for other funding partners for the project. Mayor Lawson encouraged the efforts to move forward and was very supportive of the project. Ted Hallisey, then at the Kane County Travel Council, was contacted and a three-way joint venture with Kanab City, Kane County Travel Council, and ERA Utah Properties resulted.

With the estimated cost of the signs at $35,000, funding sources worked out as: $10,000 from ERA Utah Properties agents, $10,000 from the Travel Council, with $4000 of those funds being the Chamber of Commerce funds earmarked for new entry signs. The balance of expenses is to be covered by Kanab City.

The new design is based on historical and natural design elements. The end columns of local red rock shaped and laid to match other local historical monuments is topped by a band of white to echo the coloration of our surrounding red hills with the white Navajo sandstone layer near the top. The top line of the main sign slab was designed to echo the skyline contour of our beloved “K” hill.

Designs were approved, plans made, presentations given, UDOT permits obtained, construction efforts carried out and the signs are nearly complete. No matter which direction you approach Kanab you will be greeted by a picturesque sign.

Thanks to the following people and organizations for helping this project to happen:

Financial contributors:

ERA Utah Properties

Kanab City

Kane County Travel Council

Kanab Chamber of Commerce

We were happy to award bids for construction to local talented and skilled contractors:

Kaneco Products - Arlon Chamberlain

Hansen Stone - Jarod Hansen

Rider Stone - Marvin Rider

Steel F-X – Bill Worden

Additional Support:

Steve Kunzler, Utah Department of Transportation

Special thanks to the Cloyd and LaRue Chamberlain family for allowing the south sign to be placed on their private property to facilitate the UDOT clearance requirements.