Last week, I wrote an article about Merlin and Stacy Figgins, and the service they have rendered through the years. They have so lovingly and willingly made little coffins to hold the precious bodies of small children.

The feature wouldn’t be complete without the third member of the business, who makes the story complete. Stacy has a twin sister,

Tracy Roundy, who is an inspired artist, has contributed hours of planning, time and work to complete beautiful, handcrafted boxes. She can take a piece of wood and turn it into etchings and paintings of pinecones, cars, roses, you name it.

Anything that can be drawn, she can duplicate it. Her etchings and painted art is often placed on the open lid, representing the person who has passed. The loved ones ask for specific etchings, and they get the inspired works from Tracy to accompany their deceased loved one.

“When she is gone, we are lost without her. She is the finishing touch – the hands that put the final finish on our boxes,” said Stacy. “She was on vacation and we were so lost without her. We just could not do what we do without Tracy.”

Merlin also spoke of the wonderful work she has contributed throughout the many years they have been involved in this kind of service. After KSL recognized them, phone calls from all over the U.S. were ringing constantly then.

In their hearts, they would want to do every single request, but there is no possible way they could keep up with the demand for their beautiful service.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all contributed all we could to give others a moment of love and healing from hands who serve? You – Merlin, Stacy and Tracy – make our communities shine with your selfless serving!

Thank you and may God bless your every endeavor. They are a team of beautiful souls that warm the hearts of others. In the words of Stacy, “We are guided, we are blessed.”