Merlin and Stacy Figgins are partners in service. They have given of their time, talent and energy to use their expertise in woodworking to serve others.

Countless folks have been the recipients of hand-made, beautifully crafted coffins for their loved ones. They have donated so many that they don’t even know how many for sure. It has brought people from all over the western states to partake of the gifts of love that they have so willingly offered to those who have lost children. These precious boxes are made to the satisfaction of those who deserve and want the best for their loved ones.

The Figgins are quiet doers. They just go where their hearts lead them and do so with the willingness, love and craftsmanship that is so appreciated and healing for those who are going through the horrific ordeal of losing a dear child. To see and feel this kind of generosity in a time of grieving is so far beyond the expectations of others’ love and gifts, but is so heart-rendering and makes for eternal friendships.

Thanks to Merlin and Stacy who have given their all in hard work, finances and pure love to help others.



Partners with the Savior


By Myrna Cox


Two partners craft a yellow pine,

That once had been a tree.

Create a tiny, precious box

With the work of finesse.


The little box, a work of art,

With crafting of great care,

Will touch the heart of loved ones,

Who will place a small one there.


The midnight hour is burning,

As they are working side by side.

Time is of the essence,

For the little one who died.


At last the box is finished,

So polished and so bright,

Lined with precious fabric,

So everything is right.


So precious are the serving hands,

That serve so kind and good,

Much like the man from Galilee,

Who carved such precious wood.


Oh, life indeed a precious wood,

To carve out what we feel.

And the service that we freely give,

Will forever bless and heal.


So as partners craft the yellow pine,

That once had been a tree,

His service that you rendered,

Will live on – Eternally.