The Killer Whales have had a great season. Coaches Regina, Eva, Annie and John agreed that this season has been a lot of fun and the swimmers have made great progress.

The month of July was busy with practices and meets. On July 11, the Killer Whales competed with the Dixie Swim Team at the Dixie State University pool. Both teams performed well.

A Swim-a-thon was held at the Fredonia Pool on July 16. Swimmers contacted donors who would pay for each lap the swimmer could complete during the event. Lacie Mudrow came in with the highest number of laps, totaling 360. The activity encourages endurance and competition for the upcoming meets.

The championship meet was held July 17 and 18 in Mesquite. The results were as follows: first place went to Mesquite with 2436 points; second place went to Fredonia with 1573 points; finishing in third place was Dixie with 1383 points; and in fourth place was Hurricane with 1341 points. The competition attracted over 300 swimmers, with over 1200 friends and family cheering them on.

Practice on Thursday, July 30, included a fun activity called the “Strip One Thousand.” Swimmers came to practice dressed in at least 10 articles of clothing – hats, socks, bathrobes, jackets, etc. After swimming 100 yards, the swimmers could take off one item of clothing until they were wearing only their swimsuits, covering a total of 1000 yards.

“Beat the Heat” at Hurricane was the last competition of the season. Teams from the tri-state region were invited to the event. The Killer Whales proudly placed in many races. Races between the parents and each team’s coaches were the highlight of the afternoon. Nat Lyman, Guy Finicum, Aaron Clark and Annie Fording from Fredonia and Kanab represented the parents. John Horlacher, Eva Raddatz, Annie Fording and Josh Finicum sped through the coaches’ race. You guys have still got it!

The team is already looking forward to next season. Fredonia will host two meets. There will be an invitational on June 25 and a meet at Hurricane on July 9. Championships will be held in Hurricane next year. The Killer Whales are looking for swimmers, coaches and volunteers to make it happen.

An end-of-the-season party was held for swimmers, friends and families at the Fredonia Park on Monday, August 3. Everyone had fun socializing and reviewing the team’s achievements. Not only did they learn skills to be better swimmers, but they also displayed responsibility, sportsmanship and friendship.

At the party, John and Tina Horlacher were recognized for their management and commitment to the team for the past 13+ years. They’ve had a lasting influence on many young lives.

Thanks to all who supported the Killer Whales this year! Special thanks to Alan Black for his action-packed photos documenting the team’s success. Thanks to all the kids who worked so hard all season. You were great!

Watch for the return of the Fredonia Killer Whales next summer!