Healing HEART Sanctuary has been operating in Kanab for five years and few people know we exist…so we’d like to change that!

Healing HEART Sanctuary is a small animal sanctuary in town that rehabilitates and re-homes injured and/or disabled animals.  We have helped dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, goats, sheep, cows, turtles and tortoises, and horses.  We have an array of techniques we work with such as water therapy (yes, we have a pool), sound wave technology, cart therapy, Q Energy Spa, nutritional healing, as well as many other more traditional approaches.

We also work with local children whenever possible.  Having the children help get the animals back on their feet can help the children get back on their own feet as well. The children help with caring for, rehabbing, and building projects to help the animals. 

Healing HEART Sanctuary is happy to say we have worked with Utah Foster Care, Southwest Center, various local at-risk teen facilities and the Special Olympics Gang.

Some of you may know Laura Bradshaw, Director of Healing HEART Sanctuary from around town as well as the local parades where she, Precious and Cha Cha (dogs in carts, pictured) love to go and greet people.

For more information you can check us out on the web at www.HealingHeartSanctuary.org

Visitors and volunteers are always welcome but please call first at (435) 644-3984.

Join us on July 4th where we are co-sponsoring, with Kanab City Parks and Recreation, our first Kanab fundraiser called “Kanab’s Got Talent!” located at the Joseph Hamblin Park from 7-9 p.m. (see other article for more info). 

We will also have a booth at the park after the parade if you’d like to come down and meet a few of our critters (our cart dogs and a giant tortoise!)