At the July 27 Kane County Commission meeting, a variety of resolutions and ordinances were passed. Commissioners Jim Matson and Douglas Heaton were present, with Commissioner Dirk Clayson excused.

Resolution 2015-18 was adopted, which consolidated all of the voting precincts in Kanab City to a common place or one place to vote. The courthouse was selected for the following reasons: easy access to the state in case of an issue, electrical to handle voting machines, the need for fewer voting judges, good ADA access and parking at the courthouse and across the street. These changes will be effective at the August Primary Election. Clerk/Auditor Karla Johnson indicated that pre-voting will take care of one third of the voters. The commissioners applauded all of the detail that is put into elections in Kane County.

Resolution 2015-12 was adopted, which is an agreement with Renovo Communications. The county already had agreements with Renovo, this is an extension that allows visitation through the internet at the Kane County Jail.

Resolution 2015-13 was adopted, which approves the Buckskin Communications memorandum of understanding with the BLM. The agreement is an extension that allows the use of cell towers and repeaters. With the agreement, the county will contribute to their improvement. Dave Owens stated the county has a good working relationship with the owners of the various towers in the county.

Resolution 2015-16 was adopted, which amends portions of Section 1 of the Kane County General Plan. The basic changes updated and clarified Section 1 of the General Plan.

Resolution 2015-17 was adopted, which amends the Kane County Resource Management Plan by adding Appendix I Conservation Plan for the Greater Sage Grouse in Utah, which is in the state statutes.

Ordinance 2015-11 was adopted, amending Chapters 1 & 5 of the County Land Use Ordinance.

Ordinance 2015-12, an ordinance amending chapter 21 of the Kane County Land Use Ordinance, including modifications to:  Approve/Adopt final modifications to: Criminal action for selling property for illegally divided land parcels created prior to 2005.

Commissioner Heaton asked Shannon McBride, Land Use Authority, if prospective buyers were made aware that the county is not responsible for property infrastructure improvements. McBride said she explains county policy and they also sign that they understand.  Heaton continued, “I don’t want a buyer to get trapped.”

Commissioner Heaton announced the issue with the Post Office boxes on Cedar Mountain had been resolved. They are all in one place. The Cedar City Post Office had wanted to put boxes on the roads. Snow is an issue in the winter. They will remain where they are.

On investigation, the county discovered the Lost Creek Reconveyance had never been done. Research by three different departments showed that all the work had been done and “had slipped through the cracks.” The commission voted to execute the reconveyance.

During the Commissioners’ Report, Commissioner Heaton said the American Lands Council is “now viable and credible in Washington, D.C.” The movement against the American Lands Council has actually helped, as they are seeing growing support in the East. The goal of turning public lands over to the states is gaining momentum.

For citizen input, Mary Craven asked for an update on the Johnson Canyon Wash diversion. Commissioner Matson answered that the state is still involved. Charlie Saba asked if the county is involved in an upcoming BLM meeting on grazing. Matson replied yes, the county would be involved.