“This will significantly improve the ATV traffic route from Kanab to the Hog Canyon Trail system,” commented Tony Wright of the new ATV bridge crossing Kanab Creek above the dam. “It’ll improve safety and accessibility.”

The metal span, measuring 60 feet long and 60 inches wide, will provide ATV enthusiasts a way to cross Kanab Creek at the reservoir across from the Hog Canyon Trail system entrance. This will provide safer travel for riders traveling from Kanab to the trail system. (The old way along heavily traveled Highway 89) was dangerous!)

“We looked at a couple of options and focused above the dam because jeep and ATV’s couldn’t go across because of the lake being too deep,” said Wright. “We tossed around ideas, and thought the bridge would be the answer. We contacted the State of Utah and the Army Corps of Engineers.”

The Utah/Arizona ATV Club is known for their hard work and community-minded projects. In fact, the Hog Canyon Trail System came about due to concerned citizens, club members and the BLM working together to give ATV riders a good, safe riding experience near Kanab. The well-signed trail system is a visual treat and an exciting ATV ride. The new bridge will make that system even more accessible to riders.

Wright and Ray Wells spearheaded the project, with Wright handling the bridge part, and Wells ramrodding the footings and site prepartion. Wright said it took a number of people coming together to ‘bridge’ the gap.

Wright said after finding out what needed to be done legally to get the bridge project started, they also needed to find funding to pay for it! This is where Chris Haller with Utah Parks came in. “With every ATV license and registration, part of the money is designated for Utah trails. This project fit the requirements. He called and said they’d be able to help us!” said Wright.

The ATV club then contacted Page Steel, and explained what they were thinking of. Doug and Howdy at Page Steel said they would help! They had material for a bridge beam. “They were so great to work with,” said Wright. “They gave us a great deal! They donated a lot, both steel and manpower. They took an old highway bridge beam and flipped it, then adapted it to make the ATV bridge.”

Wright said that TC Engineering did the required engineering work at a reduced cost. Kim Bistline of Fredonia built the footings, and Connor Landscaping helped out as well. Hats off as well to Nick Ramsay for use of his big fork lift, and local law enforcement for traffic control while the bridge was being hauled across the highway.

“I think it’ll prove to be a very beneficial addition to Kanab,” said Wright, in closing. “We hope that it’ll be a great asset to the community.”