May 16 UHP trooper Nick Berrie was patrolling along SR-89 in Kanab at around 1:30 a.m. He, and Kanab City police officer Raddatz, were talking when they saw two vehicles enter Kanab, that were obviously traveling together.

Berrie pulled over the first vehicle, a 1990 Acura Legend, owned by Samuel Alvarenga-Paz. Officer Raddatz pulled over the second vehicle, a 2002 AUDI A4. The stop was made in front of the Best Western. Paz had two warrants out for his arrest and was taken into custody.

Officer Raddatz approached the Audi, and spoke with its two occupants, Mr. Lopez and Mr. Martinez. Lopez was driving the Audi, but it was owned by Martinez. Officer Raddatz noted inconsistent stories between Lopez and Martinez. They gave a similar story as Paz. All three denied knowledge of each other.

After Lopez and Martinez were released, Trooper Berrie and Officer Raddatz, discovered 42 pounds of marijuana in the Acura Legend. The marijuana was located under the rear seat and behind the carpet kit in the trunk.

Information was attained that linked Martinez and Lopez to the marijuana. The Audi was pulled over in Juab County where they were questioned. The judge in Juab County never read Trooper Berrie''s paperwork, and released Martinez and Lopez. The marijuana was picked up in Phoenix, AZ and was destined to West Valley, UT.