Kane County Hospital Thrift Store Auxiliary would like to thank all of you. Because of your contributions and purchases, our Thrift Store it is one of the best. Over the last four years, you have all helped contribute to Kane County Hospital to the tune of $425,500. That figure is the net amount the Auxiliary has been able to donate to the hospital. Most of those funds were wrung in at $.25, $.50 or $1. That is truly amazing.

During last week’s meeting, Deon Button wanted to thank the community for what they have given. In true Auxiliary fashion, a unanimous chorus of cheers went up as they all chimed in to agree whole-heartedly.

As the round table reporting made its course, there were volunteers who commented that they had received compliments from neighboring states about our Thrift Store. Lee Kelly mentioned a thrift store manager from Aspen, Colorado, commenting on how clean our store is and the quality of the clothes. Others have received raves from customers who are affiliated with other thrift stores regarding the funds our Thrift Stores raises.

Of course, without the donations and purchases it wouldn’t be possible, but without the president, board, managers, volunteers and their sincere desire to put out quality products, those sales would not reach the sky like they do. All of the staff takes pride in a job well done and each insists on keeping the appearance of the store and products in top condition.

It was pointed out they could use a new/used mannequin and a tabletop display case for smaller items and jewelry. If you happen to have these items out in the garage or storage shed, the Thrift Store could use them. Donations can be tax deductible.

President Norton asked also if we would explain that the Auxiliary and its members do not call garage sales. If you are having a garage sale and have items you would like to donate to the Thrift Store, you may call them at 644-8175. They will make arrangements to pick your donations up.