“It’s going to be fantastic,” said Michael East, CEO of South Central Communications, concerning the new Fiber to the Premises project. “We’re in the final stages of phase one-the first neighborhood in the Ranchos.”

Kanab is the beneficiary of the ambitious service enhancement project South Central has undertaken. At the July 2014 project groundbreaking, East told the dignitaries gathered that Kanab would be the first city in the state of Utah to offer high speed service to 100% of the town. “This will bring huge economic development opportunities,” commented East at the time. “There’s not a single business that couldn’t locate here.”

Construction crews have completed the first phase of the first project, which involved building the mainline along the road. All construction work is being done by South Central employees to maximize the financial benefit of the project to the community.

East said it’s now time to connect individual homes and businesses to the fiber optic lines. (This is necessary whether you are intending to upgrade your internet service package or intend to remain on your current plan!)

There are great benefits to all this connectivity! A fiber optic connection can increase home values by $2,000-$5,000. Fiber has a higher bandwidth capacity and can transmit traditional applications such as phone and broadband internet, with plenty of capacity left over for other advanced future applications. You’ll be able to gain access to the internet more quickly.

What the installation involves is South Central bringing the wiring from the street to the house. They then hang a box, or an optical network terminal, on the outside of the house or on a garage wall.  The drop line is then taken to the house, connecting the wiring of the fiber to the inside house wiring. The gigacenter will be able to transmit wirelessly over the footprint of the home. 

“The real exciting thing is the services you’ll be able to get in your own home,” said East. 

And it’s free installation, currently. “But you really need to get connected to it now,” stressed East, “because once we’ve completed all the Kanab installation phases and moved on to our next community, it’ll be a longer wait and there might be an installation fee.”

South Central Communications wants Kanab residents to know where they are in the process, and encourages folks to call if they have questions. The FTTP project will eventually go to all of the 23 communities they serve!

Call 888-826-4211 or visit SoCen.com/Fiber to schedule your free individual home or business installation. East said to expect about two weeks between scheduling the service to connection.