At the May 12 Kanab City Council Meeting, public input and comments on the Proposed Nuisance Ordinance were provided and discussed. From the information provided at the meeting, the council continues to work to improve the ordinance to make it reasonable and enforceable.

Because of the discussion at the council meeting, I have changed the proposed timeline for the adoption of the Nuisance Ordinance to the following: On June 9, the council, with public discussion, will review the ordinance again with changes. On June 23, the council will vote on the adoption of the new ordinance.

There were specific ideas presented to the council and many general statements about the Nuisance Ordinance. Notes were taken and a lot of information and ideas were provided to the council.

Trying to incorporate these suggestions and ideas into the ordinance is a challenge. Therefore I am asking you, the public, to take time to review the ordinance and recommend to the council specific written changes to the ordinance. This is your opportunity to provide written ideas and suggestions to the council.

To review the proposed ordinance, go to and click on “5/18/15 Proposed Nuisance Ordinance Changes.” Copies of the ordinance will also be available and can be picked up at the Kanab City Offices.

Please have the suggested changes to the Kanab City Offices no later than June 5, 2015, so they can be distributed to the council for their review and consideration before the next City Council meeting.