At Terry’s Food, Drug, Hardware and Crafts, located on US 89 in Orderville, it’s really all in the family – the Griffiths family, that is! What Terry and Lucy Griffiths began as a grocery store 18 years ago has now expanded into a large, family-run hardware and crafts store, as well.

The 7200 square foot grocery store was an immediate blessing to the somewhat remote community of Orderville. Residents who were facing at least a 25-minute trip to get groceries, were happy for the option of a market nearby.

The grocery has a wide variety of food products, including breads, fresh produce and meats. Tourists and residents alike can stock up on camping and picnic foods, soft drinks and dairy. Terry’s also can handle your sugar craving, since the market sells the famous Sweets candies.

But if you’ve driven by the busy store on the main street of Orderville lately, you’ll see that the Griffiths family isn’t sitting on their old laurels! They’ve built an enormous expansion immediately behind the grocery store that now houses the hardware/craft store.

Terry Griffiths said the expansion project began about two years ago. “I wanted our children to have the opportunity to return to this area, make a living, and enjoy a nice place to raise their families like we did.”

Involved in the operation are: Terry and Lucy Griffiths, daughter Marla Jennings and husband Josh (was general building contractor), daughter Sammi and husband Bryant Leinlach, and son Thomas (engineer) and wife Melissa Griffiths.

“I went to school at BYU for civil engineering, and lived in several places,” said Thomas Griffiths, who moved back with his wife and children. “It’s nice to be back home.”

Thomas good-naturedly acknowledges that starting a big addition to the business has been hectic, but that the family all works quite well together. “We still have family meals together!”

The new 6400 square foot addition offers a huge inventory of hardware, lawn and garden, household, fencing and camping supplies. “We have a state of the art paint mixing and matching, with a large craft and fabric section,” Thomas explained. “We’re also an IFA feed dealer.”

Future plans will be to have a sign and front door for the hardware store where the grocery store loading dock was. That will provide easier access to the store from the highway and parking lot. They also plan on building a lumber shed for larger wood purchases behind the hardware store.

Look for grand opening details in the near future.

“We would like to thank our customers for their patience during the construction process,” said Thomas. “We are in the final stages of finishing it. We’re grateful for all the support we’ve already received.”