American Heritage is a program that allows students, parents and members of the community to become more educated by visiting different parts of the country. Members of the Valley and Kanab areas had the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. and surrounding area. This was an amazing trip and one that will not be soon forgotten. A student from Valley High School said, ¨These things were pretty cool because they gave me a new insight on where we came from. I learned a lot about what people had to sacrifice for our country.¨

A certain feeling comes when we are able to be so close to where everything started in our country. The feelings that were felt will certainly change lives. Gettysburg, Arlington Cemetery, Independence Hall, the World War II, Korean, and Vietnam Memorials, Washington and Lincoln Memorials, and the Iwo Jima Memorial were just some of these thought-provoking places we visited. The sentiment of the events and the people that shaped our lives is astounding.

A huge thank you is deserving to Gene Drake, the trip coordinator. He has been organizing and making these trips possible for many people throughout the years. One student remarked, “Gene was a really cool guy. He was so nice and always on the ball. I respect him a lot for doing these trips.”

Drake certainly is an amazing person and shared so many inspiring things as he tries to make the world a better place.

We would also like to thank our advisors – Principal Wood, Mrs. Chamberlain and their spouses – for doing so much for us, as well as all the others who made the trip possible. It was certainly a spectacular and memorable trip!