The revision of Chapter 8, Rural, Mountain and Desert Subdivision, from the Subdivision Ordinance, was approved at the May 18  Kane County Commission meeting with Commissioners Hulet and Heaton present and Habbeshaw away on assignment.  It now contains more explanation of grades, qualifications of the person making the report and what reports should include.

 Dick Nourse is working on a pilot program to be aired on KSL TV.  Two more episodes are needed by KSL to complete a total of three TV episodes of “Dick Nourse Visits” and are needed to “provide firm air dates.”  A request for $5,700 was approved for the funds to shoot more footage.  Each episode will be approximately 90 seconds.  Their tentative schedule was to do additional filming in Kanab on May 18.

Alan Alldredge and Lou Pratt received an EMPG, Emergency Management Performance Grant, for $10,500 to help with parcel layer of GEO-Coding.  The grant is a 50/50 match for a total of $21,000. The county has an AGRC grant of $6,240 for Cadastral Funding. County funds will pay for the rest of the match.

  The contract with TC Engineering was approved for no more than $21,000 to help tie-in the digital mapping and addressing for 911 together.

 Bert Harris reported on Lot 56 in Meadow View Heights.  The road had been put back to its original condition.  That section of the road is now a safety issue.  The commission voted the road to be closed to vehicle traffic and open to OHVs as restricted use.

 Harris also reported on progress with Best Friends’ road improvement. They will pay for half the cost of the gravel. The commission approved the road agreement with Best Friends Animal Society for $10,387 for half the cost of transportation materials for 4,000 feet north of the Welcome Center in Kanab Canyon.

 The HRA, Health Reimbursement Arrangement, amendment for co-pay charges to meet guidelines for the IRS under 213D IRS Code was approved effective June 1, 2009. Co-pays on RX prescriptions are ineligible.

 The commissioners agreed the county will co-ordinate their road maintenance with Swain Creek as long as they meet county maintenance schedule. The county will prepare the road surface for mag chloride. The homeowners will put mag chloride on the road and provide the water, but the county will help with a water truck.

Hulet expressed concern from past experience that people pay attention to road closure signs for the few days the road is being improved.  They all agreed Swain Creek needs to take care of this while county equipment is on the mountain. Heaton said this is a win/win situation.

 The protocol for the annual tax sale was approved.  One sale was approved to be taken off the tax sale list if, $250 administrative fee is paid in full by the tax sale.

 Three employees earned a grade increase; building inspector Ross Hunt, Ryan Maddux from the assessors office and court clerk Holly Ramsey. They completed training and their increases had been budgeted for.

 The final plat of Elk Ridge Estates, Unite 4, Phase II, was approved with all requirements met.

 From the information section of the agenda, Jerry Tribold discussed issues with delineators for snow removal on Cedar Mountain.  Road damage, road width, utilities in the road, right of way boundaries, edge of property line, and property markers in the road all create problems for snow removal. Delineators help operators see where the roads are and more are needed.  Survey updates are needed. Hulet will meet with the building department and Tribold was asked to check with the Water Conservancy District since they did survey work for their improvements.

 Ken Klatt of Cedar Mountain asked if the county gets the delineators, volunteers will put them up. About 150 are needed. 

Regarding 911 addresses, residents have been informed of their new addresses.  Regarding new street signs, the commissioners agreed if subdivisions buy the signs, the county will install them.

  Renee Pace explained the process of the coupon cards the Senior Center is selling.  It is a great bargain for those who participate with the Hometown Super Saver Kane County Senior Citizens.

 The North Rim Regulators will hold their annual shootout June 13.  It is the Cowboy vs. Cops and money raised will go to the Dare Program. The rifle range will be closed for that event.