Controlling nuisances helps to keep communities safe and livable. The degree of control is determined by the city government and how effectual the ordinance is written.

In very general terms, a nuisance is something that annoys – a wearing on the nerves by a persistent unpleasantness. It can evoke anger and interfere with comfort and peace of mind. In a regulatory environment, the term “nuisance” embraces anything that results in an invasion of one’s legal rights. A nuisance involves an unreasonable or unlawful use of property that results in material annoyance, inconvenience, discomfort, or injury to another person or to the public.

The unlawful use may involve doing something (example: piling garbage on residential property) or failing to do something (example: cutting or removing noxious weeds from residential property). Common nuisances include the accumulation of junk, animal smells, dog barking, other noise, dangerous buildings, sewage, unsanitary conditions, and encroachments on the public right-of-way that interfere with pedestrian passage.

Nuisances are often remedied by abatement. Abatement is the legal process by which the city requires the property owner to fix the nuisance.

Over the past few months, Kanab City has been working on its nuisance ordinance. Our goal is to make the ordinance simple, to understand and enforce, and to be in compliance with the Utah State Code.

To review the proposed ordinance go to and click on “4/6/15 Proposed Nuisance Ordinance Changes.” Copies of the ordinance will be available and can be picked up at the Kanab City Offices.

On May 12, the Kanab City Council Meeting agenda will include a public hearing on the proposed nuisance ordinance. This is your opportunity to discuss, make comments, and suggest changes to the proposed ordinance. The following meeting on May 26, the council will adopt the ordinance with any changes.

Important dates for Kanab City Nuisance Ordinance

•May 12, 2015

Public Hearing Kanab Nuisance Ordinance

•May 26, 2015

Vote to Adopt Kanab Nuisance Ordinance

Kanab administration and staff is currently working on the 2015/2016 budget. Listed below are important dates for public meetings and the opportunities for citizen to provide input on the proposed budget. 2015/2016 tentative budgets are available at the Kanab City Office.

Important dates for Kanab City 2015/2016 Budget

•May 12, 2015

Kanab City Council discussion on proposed 2015/2016 Budget

•May 26, 2015

Public Hearing Kanab City 2015/2016 Budget

Kanab City Council vote to adopt tentative 2015/2016 Kanab City Budget

•June 9, 2015

Kanab City Council vote to adopt Kanab City 2015/2016 Budget