Valley Elementary School is holding a PLC parent information night in the school gym on May 20, 2015, from 6-7 p.m. 

The term professional learning community (PLC) is an alternative method of team teaching to the normed isolation of one teacher. In 1989, Susan Rosenholtz’s study of 78 schools found “learning-enriched schools” were characterized by “collective commitments to student learning in collaborative settings,”  where team teaching showed improvement of teaching by a collective rather than an individual enterprise. Teacher collaboration was linked to shared goals with a focuse on student achievement and this lead to improved teacher learning, greater certainty about what was effective, higher levels of teacher commitment and ultimately, greater gains in student achievement.

In 1993, Judith Warren Little and Milbrey, McLaughlin reported the most effective schools (1993, Judith Warren Little and Milbrey, McLaughlin research) operated as strong professional communities characterized by the following ideas:

•Engaged in a collective effort to achieve a clear, commonly shared purpose for student learning.

•Created a collaborative culture to achieve the purpose

•Took collective, rather than individual, responsibility for the learning of all students.

The most promising strategy for sustained, substantive school improvement is developing the capacity of school personnel to function as a professional learning community. VES is committed to incorporate the PLC concept for our school wide team and for our students! Please contact Principal Tracy Stevens with any questions.