“Our goal is bringing attention to the beauty of Kane County and Northern Arizona,” says ATV Club President Jim Aziz. On Saturday, April 18, 2015, the Utah/Arizona ATV Club volunteers cleaned a three-mile stretch of US Highway 89 in order to improve the landscape along this popular Kane County highway. The effort was our way to give back something to our areas natural beauty in recognition of Earthday on April 17. Twice a year, club members go to work cleaning the highway, filling bags of discarded trash consisting of paper and plastic, bottles and cans all the way up to 60 lb. truck tire treads. The project is just another part of the Utah/Arizona ATV Club’s continued involvement in pro-active methods in protecting our environment. This year, our volunteers filled 10 large bags and collected a 55-gallon barrel from the side of the highway, more than 500 lbs. of trash and debris picked up. Our ongoing projects include Public Lands Days where we practice our Operation Recreation Rescue. ATV Club volunteers split into teams at various staging areas. Groups will be tasked to cleaning and improving the physical condition of the trailhead staging area sites, making sure the kiosk contains current or new information on safety and responsible use on the trails and roads, along with a large color map showing the area’s travel routes.  We also make sure the kiosk is being used to distribute new brochures and maps about the area. Other teams will go out on the local trails, cleaning the trail systems, improving trail conditions and ensuring signs are in place. A third team of certified ATV/OHV instructors will offer basic ATV rider orientation instruction including explaining our “Tread Lightly” program, teaching responsible OHV riding with hands on rider safety courses. This is all in conjunction with our upcoming ATV/UTV Fun Run on May 2, 2015. On May 1-3, 2015, over a three-day period the Utah/Arizona ATV Club expects hundreds of visitors to attend this 13th annual Fun Run and Trail Rides. All are being staged in Johnson Canyon at the Crocodile/Hog Canyon trail system staging area. The Saturday, May 2, ATV-UTV Fun Run event is free – just be there by 8:30 a.m. to sign in. The Fun Run ride starts at 9 a.m., when groups of riders will be released by starters to keep riders evenly spaced. There will be a marked 32-mile ride course through some of the most beautiful areas of the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument. You may choose to purchase raffle tickets to qualify for many prizes to be given away. When everyone is finished riding the marked 32 mile two track trail through the beautiful Southern Utah red rock country, join us for lunch–only $6 for all the fix’ens! The drawing will occur after everyone has returned from the trail ride. In support of the Amazing Earthfest (May 10 – 16, 2015) the ATV Club will also lead an ATV ride on May 16, 2015 from the Crocodile/Hog Canyon staging area to the Crocodile trails. It will be a short ride of approximately three hours, giving outdoor enthusiasts celebrating Earthfest a day of Red Rock Country riding opportunities, all for free. Be at the staging area by 10 a.m.