A French couple visiting the remote area of the Paria River east of Kanab last week certainly got more than scenery while visiting. They drove by a prone man not far from the bank, who appeared to be in trouble, with blood around him. They honked at him, but got no response. They then sought assistance from another nearby tourist couple, Gary and Judy Doran.

The Dorans, Judy a nurse, went to check on the gentleman, but found him to be deceased by a gunshot wound to the head. Kane County authorities were called to investigate.

The deceased man was identied as Craig Miller, of Golden, Colorado. Born in 1960, he was driving a nice jeep and had driven it near the river. He got out and walked a bit. Miller had an expensive 10 millimeter pistol by his side.

According to the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, the death appears to be a suicide, but is under investigation. No note or other evidence was found at the scene.