A riparian treasure runs through our town referred to as Kanab Creek. To geologists, it’s the Kanab Fault line and is extremely deep. It’s a natural wonder with aquatic reptiles and migratory birds, and our beloved golden snail, found only in Kanab and locations in South America.

But there is a hidden danger in our beloved creek. Because of erosion, overhangs are present. Hundreds of tons of dirt and rock could collapse at any moment. Parents are letting their children explore, but it is recommended to stay away from the overhangs, and to never enter the cave formations.

After informing local authorities on April 4, Kanab City immediately responded to a public safety concern and collapsed an undercut area with no disruption of infrastructure or service. When the pressure on the undercut was released, approximately 200 tons of dirt came down with a thud that shook the ground. Thank you City of Kanab for a job well done.

So kids, be careful, stay away from the banks, and enjoy the wonders of Kanab Creek.