The March 5, meeting of the Kane County Board of Education was held at Valley High School in Orderville.

The board heard State of the School reports from the two Valley principals in attendance. Jim Wood, Valley High School Principal, first reviewed test results in English and Math for grades 8-12. All grades had improved in Science compared to last year.

He said the teachers are using the Canvas Program, a cloud-based learning management program. It allows teachers to integrate multimedia course content, course communication, student assessments (quizzes, assignments, surveys, portfolios) and student grades to create a cohesive, connected virtual space for a class. The school also uses iReady, another online education platform which has diagnostic and instruction tools, and generates reports for teachers.

Valley High students are actively using Chromebooks and Wood has all of his Math classes online. In the area of Science, he reported the school has been bringing in presentations from Southern Utah University, which have been very popular.

In other areas, the school counselor has been working hard to help students, and the Drivers Education and Physical Education programs are going well. The Vocational Shop program has acquired some high tech equipment recently, which has benefited students. Wood noted that 30 percent of the students at Valley High are involved in Music.

Tracy Stevens, the new Valley Elementary School (VES) Principal, addressed the board next. He reported that the Dynamic Basic Indicators of Early Literacy (DIBELS) results for VES are good. Reading scores are exceptional and Writing scores are good. He has implemented a program to improve school attendance that is going well. In the area of professional development, the school took eight teachers to a Professional Learning Communities conference in Phoenix, which they felt was excellent and very helpful.

Discussion was held regarding the tennis courts the school district removed in order to construct a new shop for Valley High School. Several citizens expressed they would like to have the tennis courts replaced, and discussion ensued as to who, where, and how this should be accomplished. At this point, the school district will get the property lines staked out. An agreement will have to be drafted as to who will maintain the facilities, if they are to be built.

Kane County Economic Director Matt Brown did a PowerPoint presentation exploring possible plans and options for the buildings and grounds at the old Kanab Middle School. Kane County has paid $20,000 to an architectural firm to explore various options to improve/remodel the current buildings. The county is committed to this project, and seeking input and feedback from the board.

In other business, the school board approved the district 2015-2016 calendar, one residency request, and one home school application. It also approved the Kanab High School baseball, softball and track schedules, except for one KHS game that is outside the 150 mile limit imposed by the school board several years ago. KHS officials will be asked about this before the school board decides whether to approve it or not.