The Kane County Commission passed Resolution 2015-4, which opposes the creation of the Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument, which will encompass 1.7 million acres. Commissioner Jim Matson stated, “This is another Andalex and Grand Staircase situation, with a goal to stop uranium mining.” 

Roger Chamberlain is the recipient of the Kane County Extra Miler Award for 2015 for his years of volunteer work for the county and his community. He has served 18 years on the County Planning Commission with a goal of protecting private property rights. His service includes 30 years on the County Fair Board, Mormon Pioneer National Heritage (six counties) and many years for his service on the Sewer Improvement District in the Valley. Planning Commission Chairman Tony Chelewski stated, “He gives good input, especially in the northern part of the county.” Shannon McBride, LUA administrator, also gave Chamberlain a plaque for his years of service.

The commissioners listened to two Strawberry Loop property owners requesting the county forgive interest and penalties on their tax due to “misinformation” given.  The commission deferred a decision for two weeks to check e-mail correspondence from the county dating back to 2009. The staff recommended no forgiveness and the parties were told the county will check, but to assume interest and penalties will be owed.

The request from Earl Levanger, County Fire Marshall, for FEEP (Federal Excess Personal Property) for equipment, dozer, etc. was approved. Commissioner Matson commented that, “good, dependable equipment is important for personal safety.”

The commissioners approved amending several subdivision plats vacating a 7.5-foot utility easement in Unit I and Unit II in the Elk Ridge Estates.

Five County Association of Governments will hold a CIB prioritization meeting on March 12.

Commissioner Dirk Clayson gave an update on the Glen Canyon ORV Plan. The county opposes the plan because of the restricted access and noise issues with some vehicles. There are RS2477 conflicts and their plan conflicts with the Kane County Plan, which is open roads, and OHVs allowed. Kane County will request a cooperative meeting with the Glen Canyon Recreation District.

Resolution 2015-3, an agreement between Kane County and the Arizona DPS for communication sites, was approved. A repeater on the Jacob Lake Tower will help with communication at The Wave and surrounding areas.

Also approved was a Kane County contract for Economic Development activities with Matt Brown for specific projects: The Kanab Civic Center and ‘Rooarism’ (rural tourism), a pilot program for tourism.

There was no public input.