On January 23, local resident Jay Hough donated his 1997 Dodge Dakota pickup to the Kars-4-Kids charity. His pickup had a blown engine and was not worth repairing. Hough will receive an IRS tax-deductible donation receipt for up to $500.

The Kanab City Beautification Committee will assist owners who would like to donate any unused car or truck (running or not!) to your favorite charity. We will help connect you to a national organization that will arrange for a towing service to come to your location and remove the vehicle, at no charge to you. This service is free! You will receive a receipt for the vehicle, and the charity will mail you an IRS tax-deductible donation receipt.

Contact Jim Page, Chairman Kanab City Beautification Committee, for questions and assistance. Reach Jim at 435-644-8489. Help us keep the Kanab charm!