What is the LIC? The Local Interagency Council maintains and strengthens partnerships with regional, local agencies, law enforcement, schools, churches, clubs and citizens.

The LIC has been in existence for more than 15 years with very little funding. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month, usually at the library conference room. The meetings are designed for information sharing, problem solving and support for wrap around services. The meetings are open to everyone who is interested in the betterment of the community.

Volunteers are always needed in a variety of community services and civic groups. The Special Olympics need golf instructors and volunteers are needed to help with supervising the foster children program. Contact Terra Sue Honey at the Kane County Volunteer Center for more information.

What is the LEPC?  The Local Emergency Planning Committee helps empower citizens of the community by establishing procedures and programs that make it easy for citizens to understand and have access to “all hazardous” information. Representatives from local governments, agencies, schools, churches and emergency responders discuss ways to prepare, respond and recover from any type of disaster or emergency. The LEPC meetings are held on Wednesdays in conjunction with the LIC meetings and are open to the public.

Basically both meetings are used as a method of communication; Discussing what has happened, what will or could happen, problem solving and the needs of the various organizations and civic groups.

Alan Alldredge of the Kane County Sheriffs Office welcomed everyone to the June 10 meeting. Representatives from throughout Kane County were in attendance.

Alldredge explained Homeland Security Grants and how the money is filtered down to the county. The Homeland Security program provides funds to build capabilities at the state and local levels to implement the goals and objectives that are included in the state homeland security strategies, initiatives and preparedness.

Alldredge stated by using the 2008 Grant money the county was able to purchase the Reverse 911 System. It is a combined system between Kane, Garfield and Washington Counties.

The 2009 Grant request was submitted; 25% of the money is required for training on a regional basis. The purchase of hazardous material equipment was part of the Grant request.      

A regional communication study is also in the working stages, addressing the issue of the “Narrow banding” mandate. In 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will require all radio equipment to operate on narrowband frequencies. Of the Five Counties, Kane County has more “dead” spots than any  of the other counties.

Alldredge talked about the formation of a training and exercise committee. The Western Legends Roundup will be used as a practice training session. There have been times when phone service to the area has been down, isolating the county from the outside world. Aldridge said in emergency situations the amateur radio operators and their equipment could be utilized and demonstrations would be part of the training exercise at the Western Legends Roundup. 

Training classes for organizations will be scheduled July 10 or 15 for information on how the county uses the National Response Framework (NRF). A guide to how the Nation conducts all-hazards response, coordinating key roles and responsibilities across the Nation and linking all levels of government and organizations. Other training classes will be held September 18 and 19 and information will be available on the Incident Command System (ICS) tracking personnel and maintaining site security at a large-scale incident.

Preparations for the July 4th parade and events were discussed.

If families intend to utilize the Kane County Hospital grounds during the 4th of July fireworks demonstration, please pick up any trash and sparklers. Also, please treat the area with respect.

Using the provided trash containers helps keep the city clean and makes it easier and saves time for the clean up crews.  

For community events Visit: www.kaneutah.com