Prior to discussing the main agenda items of the January 13 Fredonia Town Council meeting, council members and town manager, Tom Corrigan discussed the various rumors floating around the community regarding the upcoming water project. 

“I wish they [concerned citizens] would contact a council member or the office if they have concerns,” stated council member Brent Mackelprang.  Rumors have been growing throughout the community that water project funds would be going to salaries and various other things, but the council and town representatives wanted to make it clear that funds would be going only to the water project.  The six million dollar water project is an enormous undertaking and will take every penny of allotted funds. 

With the election for the water project just around the corner, it is imperative that everyone has the correct information.  The fact is that Fredonia’s water treatment does not meet ADEQ standards, there is not adequate water storage and there is not adequate water being delivered to many of the town residents. 

There is a long list of other water related issues that will be resolved through the water project as well.  The main priority is to make “improvements on the water system for higher quantity, quality and to protect us for years to come.” Exclaimed Mackelprang. 

With the meeting underway, the Parks and Recreation committee presented their agenda item to council.  First on the list was a request the Santa Express be sponsored by the Town of Fredonia, instead of being held as a fundraiser.

According to chairperson Becky Douglas, “our goal is to create a fun community event everyone can participate in.”  By having the town sponsor the event, Parks and Rec could offer it to the community for free or very little money.

Council members all agreed that the event was a special part of the community and a chance for the town to come together.  Mayor Dixie Judd suggested the committee get together and bring back plans and figures to be voted on by the council.

Next, Douglas updated the council on the progress being made on the Fredonia Park.  Douglas explained that she and her committee had met with Tom Corrigan, Bob Kaczowka and swim coaches regarding initial plans for the project.  Kaczowka, of Mesa Design in Kanab, volunteered to donate design planning for the master plan.  The council expressed great gratitude for the generous donation.

Douglas explained that during the meeting, the group discussed plans for an indoor pool, community center, tennis courts, skate-park, playground equipment, updated ball fields, restrooms and more. 

With funding being the major issue keeping the project from becoming a reality, council members brainstormed with Douglas on how to form alliances with other community groups to help secure funding through grants and other sources.  Douglas was assured that she had the council’s full support and that her hard work, and that of her committee, was greatly appreciated.

Also discussed were the town code, which prohibits a boarding school to be within 600 feet of a liquor establishment.  When originally established, the code was vague in it’s wording, making it unclear as to whether that was from building to building or from property line to property line. 

The council determined it should be clarified in the code that it is property line to property line.  Town manager, Tom Corrigan, agreed to have the corrections made.

Finally, the council voted to employ Kelly Hilding as a part time clerk in the town office.  They also determined that because three of the office staff members were scheduled to retire in 2009, it was necessary to post for a full time position, as well.  Stating that it was important to start training new personnel as soon as possible.