On January 3, the worldwide coverage of a fallen officer swept across the Internet and TV screens. Men and women of the blue brotherhood entered the city like a tide rising in a slow steady rhythm of solidarity, spilling over Brooklyn and ebbing out across the masses as they moved, then stopped and stood in respect and reverence for a moment to honor their fallen hero, Wenjian Liu. For a brief moment, it seemed the recent feelings of anarchy were quiet and dead in the great city. Familiar? Yes.

On a personal level, Kane County has experienced such a scene, when one of their own fallen heroes was laid to rest. The scene in New York brought back to memory a vivid scene of the day Brian Harris was brought to his hometown to be honored and laid at his earthly resting place.

Some similarities were brought home as the speakers in Brooklyn attested to the great life of Liu. The speakers could have been speaking about Brian Harris. “He was a man who loved to serve, who honored his family, a man who honored his position and understood his responsibility towards the people he served. A man who was taken too early by a single act of selfishness and anger.”

Kane County personally can relate to the emotions and the grieving for their fallen.

Then, an act of goodness was shared as fellow officers from the brotherhood across the nation took off their badges and quietly handed them to spectators who seemed honored to receive some personal memorabilia, to cherish the day, a token of remembrance, shared with others. It was a blue on blue day, as states joined states to complete the circle of service and support across this great country. No community should ever have to deal with the kind of pain that comes with the fallen innocent. It leaves a mark, forever.

Perhaps a challenge is in order to start the New Year. Remember the local policemen. A card or a message of gratitude would be greatly appreciated. Let these men and women in blue know how much they are appreciated for their service. Every day they place their lives on the line to make Kane County a safer.

On a personal note, I would like to show my appreciation for the men and women who serve us. I know you are there for me anytime I need assistance, and I realize you are selfless in your endeavors to keep us safe. May each one of you have a wonderful year filled with love, safety and support for the great work you do. Thank you.