Garkane Energy is kicking off 2015 with an innovative, creative and ‘charged’ public relations campaign!

‘The People Behind the Power’ will feature Garkane Energy employees, not only in their professional work responsibilities, but highlight them in their many off-hour duties, talents and interests.

The ‘amped’ PR campaign is the brainchild of none other than Garkane’s member services and marketing manager, and Kanab resident Neal Brown! The ads will be part of a yearlong integrated campaign with videos, newspaper and radio ads, as well as an enhanced social media presence.

Designed to put a face on our local cooperative energy company and its employees, ‘The People Behind the Power’ reminds cooperative members of the many unique hats we all wear as a community.

Brown noted that before he joined the Garkane staff two years ago, he, like most of us, just took electricity for granted. “As I’ve gotten to know a lot of these men and women, I’ve realized they do some pretty amazing things outside of work. Our employees have a wide variety of hobbies and talents.”

By nature of working for an energy company, Brown said employees often are interrupted during their time off to attend to a power emergency. “That makes all the more reason to highlight who they are and what they do to get the power back on for all of us! The company is about more than power lines, we really are about people.”

Garkane Power currently services over 2,200 miles of distribution and transmission line, and employs 65 people in Garfield, Wayne and Kane Counties. Look forward to getting to know, ‘The People Behind the Power!’