Sixth grade teacher Robin Coleman, is a bit of a female Albert Einstein when it comes to the elusive and shady world of mathematics. Every year, her sixth grade meets with and, usually, surmounts other more advanced schools in a school-wide competition.

Tuesday, at the Kanab Middle School, the Kanab Elementary met with Canyon View Middle School, Cedar City Middle School, Valley sixth, seventh and eighth grades and the Kanab Middle School. In Coleman’s own words, “They done did awesome.” Well, maybe they didn’t done did, just did.

Two of Coleman’s teams finished with honorable mentions, the KES A Team and the DES B Team, while the other Kanab Elementary participants put up a real firefight. In justice to the Kanab Middle School, they had two top 10 winners, Jamie Keller and Lance Little. That’s not shabby.

To have the courage and self-confidence to pit your elementary number crunchers against older, more experienced human calculators takes the intestinal fortitude (guts) of an enraged pit bull. Plaudits Mrs. Coleman and charges, you’re better than a winning lottery ticket…I think. Well, maybe…